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Contest Score Rumors

2003 CTDXCC CQ World Wide DX Operations

CQWW Phone        Category          QSOs    Zones   Countries   Score

AB5K              SO AB HP          1131      86     280    1,145,946
KS5V              SO AB HP           332      61     154      193,070
KE5C              SO AB HP           241     118      64      111,566
N5AW              SO AB LP          1167     131     385    1,651,200
W5ZL              SO AB LP           582      79     222      474,978
KK5MI             SO AB LP           328      69     191      229,320
W5GAI             SO AB LP           145         153           56,916
K5NA              MM AB HP          4005     162     561    6,246,720


"Having three antennas pointed in three different directions really helped. No effort on 40 meters and below shows in the score." - AB5K

"This was our first attempt to ever try M/M from Texas and we had, mostly, a younger crew that was inexperienced at M/M. But we were all learning the tricks of the M/M category and gained some valuable knowledge for the next effort. Murphy struck us slightly with serious WriteLog networking problems before the start. We had to isolate the 40M station because the XP computer on 40M didn't want to talk with any of the other stations. Then the amplifier for 10M smoked at the start, leaving me to scurry on a 60 mile round-trip to borrow a replacement. Things went smoothly then until Sunday, when a thunderstorm shut us completely down for 45 minutes. And finally, the 160M transceiver went to the RF Gods late Sunday afternoon. But we all had a great time. Conditions exceeded all predictions here." - K5NA

"Although I had no plans to operate, conditions were too good to pass up completely. I wish this had been the ARRL 10 meter contest weekend." - KE5C

"A very definite part-time effort with time out for sleep, errands, church, honey-do's, etc. Surprisingly, was able to break some big pileups with my 100 watt station." - KK5MI

"Score down slightly (20 QSOs, 20 multipliers) from last year, despite my station improvements. Conditions were not great, but overall not too bad, especially on the higher bands." - N5AW

"Very strange conditions - mostly pretty good on the high bands but thought for sure somebody had stuck a pin in my coax around 11:30 AM local time Sunday morning. All three bands (10, 15 and 20) went nearly silent here at the same time. Used the time constructively, though, (K5NA graciously agreed to move to 40 with me so I could get a USA mult) and then went off to watch the Cowboys game (aka, "take a nap") on the assumption that whatever solar or geomagnetic bomb had hit us would doom the rest of the contest. When I ambled back into the shack after the game/nap to assess the destruction, 10 was hotter than a pistol." - W5ZL

"I just got in the contest to work a few new countries and give out a few contacts to folks. I really enjoyed the conditions." - KS5V


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