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Contest Score Rumors

2003 CTDXCC CQ World Wide DX Operations

CQWW CW           Category          QSOs    Zones   Countries   Score
W5KFT (K5PI, op.) SO AB HP          2408     142     385    3,447,634
N3BB              SO AB HP          2124     119     338    2,862,133
W5GAI             SO AB HP           478     100     227      417,906
K5NA              SO AB HP A        1198     186     584    2,502,500
AF5Z              SO SB HP 80         68      20      37       
N5AW              SO AB LP          1314     152     450    2,193,086
W5JAW             SO AB LP           184             154       
W5ZL              SO AB LP A         508     103     233      463,344
NZ5A              SO SB LP 40        147      22      60       34,112

"Wow -- after all the predictions of poor conditions, I expected to be disappointed, but I had a blast! Conditions to Europe on 10 meters and 15 meters were great both mornings, and I had four hours with over 100 QSOs. The Japanese just kept calling on 40 meters in the wee hours Saturday morning, and I intended to come back for more on Sunday morning, but 20 meters to Europe was smoking! While my multiplier total was down from 146/436 last year, my QSO total was up by 400, making this a personal best." - K5PI (@ W5KFT)

"My real intent in entering this contest (given recent medical developments) was to bolster my country count, so I was not concerned with rate and points as much as I was finding new ones. Through trial and error, I managed to find a reasonably comfortable way to sit in my chair without overly aggravating my back. My shiny new back brace (fondly known as the "roll cage") proved rather a handful - severely restricting my movement (as it is designed to do). Though one tends to think of operating a radio in a contest as a pretty sedentary activity, you don't realize how much moving around, reaching for knobs and keyer paddles, etc., is involved until you can't." - W5ZL

"I did a stupid thing and worked on fixing the 160 meter sloper at the last minute. I spent five hours on Thursday and five more hours on Friday on the hillside with a chainsaw doing back-breaking work. When the contest started, I was spent. All for eight contacts......" - N3BB

"I was experiencing some erratic behaviour in receive on my Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V Field. The night before, I had been rearranging my coax cables, and when I plugged in the cable to the Field, I thought I heard a small zap.... After screwing up my courage to disassemble the transceiver, I quickly found that my initial hunch was correct - the first PIN diode in the input circuit was blown. It had become a 1.4 Kohm resistor instead of a 1 ohm resistor when turned on. This explained the almost 30 db of attenuation I was hearing. Well, Friday night I decided to tune around and at least see how the local guys seemed to be doing, not expecting to hear any of the DX they were working. To my surprise, I was hearing a lot of DX, even though my S meter never moved off S0, even for the locals. What the heck, let's see if I can work a few. It soon became clear that if I could hear them, I could work them. My ears will never be the same after straining to hear anything at all. Even Gary W5ZL, who lives a mile away, was only S5! Yesterday, replacement diodes arrived in the mail, and I fixed the receiver. I almost blew my ear drums off after getting used to near silence." - W5JAW

"Conditions were great and operation was problem-free, so why is my score down a little over 10% from last year? I did operate a few hours less - I just couldn't stay awake in the wee hours of Sunday morning - but that didn't have any effect on 10 meters and 15 meters, where most of the decrease occurred. Please don't tell me it's old age!" - N5AW

"40 meters was wide open to Europe and Africa on Saturday night. The over-the-pole opening on 20 meters on Sunday afternoon was fun. I snagged the TO4 (Europa) station on 15 meters and 20 meters." - W5GAI

"I decided to just chase DX for the weekend, instead of contesting, and I had a great time without the pressure of CQing and holding a frequency. The funny thing was that I spent 48 hours in the operating chair anyway, taking an occasional catnap between QSOs." - K5NA

"I operated a few hours in search of new countries on 80 meters CW to complete my CW Five Band DXCC Award. I ran a KW into an inverted-L, but I did not have a dedicated receive antenna. There was more DX on the air than I expected, but only a dozen or so new countries for me." - AF5Z


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