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Contest Score Rumors

2003 CTDXCC ARRL International DX Contest, Phone

Station   Op      Category      QSOs   Mults     Score
N5AW      N5AW    SOAB LP       1116    357  1,195,236
WQ5C      WQ5C    SOAB LP        591    234    414,882
KK5MI     KK5MI   SOAB LP        405    179    217,485
N5TW      KC5YKX  SOSB HP 15    1059    100    317,700
NA4M      NA4M    SOAB HP        472    235    332,760
K5NA      many    MS   HP       2171    490  3,120,810
W5KFT     many    MS   HP       1851    397  2,127,126

(K5NA ops:  K5DU, K5NA, KI5DR, N5ZC)
(W5KFT ops: K5PI, W5TA, WM5R)

"This was my first major effort of any kind in this contest. Usually, my contest efforts are about 85 percent S&P and 15 percent attempted run. This was the complete opposite. I have never operated with more than a tribander before, so the use of the 6/6/6 stack on 15 meters was amazing. Learning how to use it to my full advantage took some time, but I did figure it out. I've never heard so many JAs!! It was wonderful. 43 percent of the QSOs were JA." - KC5YKX (@ N5TW)

"After the CW contest, I went into this one with lowered expectations. Conditions on the high bands were even worse than for CW. 80M and 160M were better though, due to less static. My score is down 17 percent from last year (it was down 23 percent on CW). My number of QSOs was down by 302 - all due to 10 meters (which was down 376 QSOs from last year.) I set a personal best for multipliers though, thanks to 80M and 160M. Of course, some of that is also due to more S&P with 10 meters down (it is hard to run Europe on the other bands with low power from Texas.)" - N5AW

"Packet spots this year were both good and bad at the same time. They were nice to have, but (especially half-way through until the end) the errors in the spots made most of the information useless. We did better just scanning the band and manually loading the bandmap with the calls we could hear." - KI5DR (@ K5NA)

"I worked this one mainly to have fun, and pick up new countries for phone DXCC. As such, it was almost entirely S&P. From that standpoint, I'm quite happy with the results. Thirteen new phone countries, along with a big jump for when/if I decide to apply for 5BDXCC..." - WQ5C

"This contest had both big high and low points. The low point was discovering Friday night that the coax to my 40M beam was damaged up on the tower top, making the Cushcraft 40-2CD unusable. Bummer. The high point was an incredible W5 160M opening to Europe Friday night. The band noise was low when using my receive loop and signals were outstanding. I never recall ever hearing the quantity and strength of a 160M European opening like this one, and the fact that it was on phone was even the more amazing." - NA4M

"This year was a very part time effort with my anemic 100W station, fraught with troubles and frustrations. I had obvious problems on the low bands due to lack of power. I could hear them, they couldn't hear me. I must get an amplifier before the next one." - KK5MI


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