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Contest Score Rumors

2003 CTDXCC ARRL International DX Contest, CW

Station   Op      Category         QSOs   Mults     Score
N5AW      N5AW    SOAB LP          1452    376  1,637,856
AC5AA     AC5AA   SOAB LP A         185    125     69,375
NZ5A      NZ5A    SOSB LP 80         37     27      2,997
W5KFT     K5PI    SOAB HP          2281    379  2,588,949
K5NA      K5NA    SOAB HP          2317    368  2,528,160
N3BB      N3BB    SOAB HP          2150    387  2,496,150
K5YA      K5YA    SOAB HP          1551    307  1,427,550

"There are so many layers to the onion of ham radio. The headline for this contest has to be `K5PI discovers the effects of sleep deprivation.' Who needs drugs? Just try to copy Morse code for two days straight!" - K5PI (@ W5KFT)

"I put in a meager effort this past weekend amidst a lot of other activities. What time I had on the air was fun. I operated low power, assisted, and put in a total of about five hours. 80M and 160M were really noisy, as already noted, and I spent very little time there. Evening hours were mostly 40M, and daylight hours were mostly 10M and 15M. 10M was much slower than I expected. Signals on 15M and 20M were weaker than I expected also - some that were very strong last year were barely audible this year." - AC5AA

I had a little time to operate the contest and focused on 80M single operator, low power. I put up a homebrew-designed 1/8 wavelength vertical for 80M about two weeks before the contest, and I've tinkered with it ever since. It is elevated 4' above ground, with two radials of radically different lengths elevated at the same height. It is fed directly with 25' of RG-8X. I did a number of special things with it that result in a 2:1 bandwidth of 450 kHz versus the usual much narrower bandwidth." - NZ5A

"Disappointing... Despite station improvements, my score is down about twenty percent from last year." - N5AW

"The first night's break coincided with the storm, and all the bands were QRNed to death anyway and so that probably was a good break for an hour, but when I got up from the nap, 40 meters was crystal clear and the JAs were rolling so my break could have been shorter. The second break included about one hour of sleep, and I was so groggy when I arose that I honestly walked into the radio room and was not able to figure out how to operate the contest for twenty minutes! It was one of the most unreal experiences in my life. I was not able to remember how to transmit my call letters for several minutes." - N3BB

"There was a lot of noise this year on all bands because of passing storms and the low bands seemed almost unusable at times. Also, conditions seemed down from last year with 10 meters being affected the most." - K5NA

"I restricted my operating this year due to illness. I went to bed early Friday morning, and didn't get up until just before sunrise Saturday. I dragged myself in front of the radio and got started. Missing the first night was a major disappointment, since I have been working so hard the last three months getting antennas installed on my new tower for 160 meters through 20 meters." - K5YA


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