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Contest Score Rumors

2003 CTDXCC ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Station   Op        Category    QSOs   Mults    Score
N5TW      N5TW      SO QP CW     598     72    171,936
W5KFT     K5PI      SO HP CW    1567    107    672,388
KE5C      KE5C      SO HP CW     652     73    190,384
W5GAI     W5GAI     SO QP MIX    109     58     16,588 
WQ5C      WQ5C      SO LP MIX    682    157    356,704
K5TR      WM5R      SO HP SSB   2505    111    555,888
K5NA      KI5DR     SO HP SSB   1181     93    219,666
W5ZL      W5ZL      MS LP MIX    864    217    476,238
KC5YKX    KC5YKX    MS LP MIX    134     63     16,884
NX5M      many      MS HP MIX   2862    224  1,796,928
N3BB      N3BB      MS HP MIX    447     74    132,016


"In spite of the conditions, and fewer hours in the chair, I managed to top last year's score." - WQ5C

"The ARRL 10 Meter Contest is fast becoming one of my favorite contests. Of the three ARRL 10 Meter Contests I've done, this was the first in which there was propagation of some sort for a full 36 hours. I really enjoy this contest - it's great fun to run rate and work through the openings. I love working JAs - I wish there were more of them on the air." - WM5R (@ K5TR)

"I was playing around, and enjoying some pretty good stateside openings. Of course, when you're goofing off, you can bail out when you get bored, and you don't have to grind it out when it's hard. The line noise here got very high as band opening moved west and I had to beam non-EU. I became deaf and had to stop." - N3BB

"Conditions were pretty mediocre. Every EU QSO was a struggle, and JAs were scarce -- none on Friday or Sunday." - K5PI (@ W5KFT)

"The conditions were OK most of the time, as far as I am concerned, but the DX was on vacation (so am I.) Our multiplier total is WAY down this year. Although I expected fewer DX QSOs and fewer mults, I did not anticipate it would be as low as it actually ended up. I don't think we could have done any better, considering." - NX5M

"We had very different propogation than last year. From the beginning of the contest, we now believe, I had a stuck T/R relay in the amplifier. The band really sounded DEAD! I operated from 0000 UTC until 1500 UTC before realizing what was going on. I must have been a real alligator - once a California station told me I had a large number of stations calling me, but I could not hear them. Some signals still came through, however (probably the loudest ones). I left the air at 1743 UTC to attend my daughter's ballerina dance recital, then a Christmas dinner, and returned at 1300 UTC Sunday, so I missed some of the best propagation of the weekend. Still, I had a great time operating from K5NA." - KI5DR (@ K5NA)

"Much of the DX I had to go find, but a highlight was RL3A (If I remember his call correctly) calling in when I was CQing with about 1.5W in his direction. Almost all of the 47 states and 11 provinces called in. The band was at times very good, with 100 QSOs/hour rates, and then it would drop off. Not sure how open Europe was to the east coast - it never sounded very good from here, although I did work Spain. If DX was down, this could be the contest to have done in Texas!" - N5TW

"Not long ago, CQing in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest for a small station meant looking for a hole above 28.150 MHz. I miss those days. This weekend, I could CQ anywhere, but unfortunately except for a few hours Friday and a few more Saturday morning, it really didn't matter." - KE5C

"There was too much going on this weekend to even try to operate this one seriously. I worked one European station all weekend. I heard a couple more, but that was it. One Japanese station was all I could put in the log as well." - KC5YKX

"I found sitting for a few hours at a time this weekend a lot more tolerable physically than the week before. In addition, I reorganized the positions of the radio, keyer paddle and keyboard such that the back brace was not such an impediment to the operation as before." - W5ZL

"I had little time to operate this weekend. The band was lousy when I did manage to get on. I never once heard any EU or JA." - W5GAI


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