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Contest Score Rumors

2002 CTDXCC CQ World Wide WPX Contest, CW

Station   Op     Call  Category      QSOs   Mults    Score
N3BB      N3BB   NT5C  SOAB HP       2648    828  5,286,780
K5YA      K5YA   K5YA  SOAB HP       2231    776  4,423,976
W5KFT     K5PI   K5PI  SOAB HP       2260    794  4,366,206
K5NZ      K5NZ   K5NZ  SOAB HP        399    272    221,408
W5GAI     W5GAI  W5GAI SOAB LP        716    430    641,990

"I ran the old fashioned way with no spot assistance. I operated 20 hours, and propagation was fairly poor on all bands except 15 meters. All but a few of my QSOs were by search and pounce. It was a fun contest! Some memorable QSOs included NT5C on CW on six bands - the QSL cards will be prized!" - W5GAI

"The 36 hour limit for single ops is a wonderful rule, as it gives one a little rest time, and adds the strategy element as to what hours to take off. Also, at age 60, I feel like it evens out the playing field a bit so I can use experience to compensate against the (mostly) younger people who go the entire 48 hours. Personally, I think the 48 hour rule in a contest is brutal, and it removes all strategy except for brute force and will. While not unimportant, staying awake for that long reduces people to shells for days afterward. Thanks to John, NT5C, for the use of his well known DX SSBer call. It was nice to be a `real' five for a change." - N3BB

"I realized that I have a lot to learn about summer conditions. I looked over a propagation forecast N5TW did, but there's no substitute for experience. I'm almost certain I had all the beams on EU Saturday morning, so I didn't work a single JA. Sunday morning, I left a beam NW and had a few sprinkled among the Europeans. After the Saturday night thunderstorm shut me down from 0330 to 0530, I got back on to find huge EU signals on 15 meters for the next hour and a half. Huh?!" - K5PI

"I had to scrub my M/S effort when I found a bad hardline run three hours before the contest. I checked everything out before going to Dayton, and there were no problems. On Saturday, I started looking for the short by comparing low SWR to determine how far out the break was. When I came up with 103ft from shack, I looked out and just started laughing! While at Dayton, my wife Susan, trying to help me, had driven several T-Posts in an area to keep her new horse away from my beverage termination point. She d rove a T-Post dead center through a buried 1/2" hardline run to a tower... unreal...." - K5NZ

"I last entered the WPX contest in 1997. It is a completely new contest now, with the addition of one-pointers for USA contacts. I operated about 35 hours, no with operation the last 3 hours of the contest. I decided to relax during this contest, and didn't use the second radio at all." - K5YA


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