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Contest Score Rumors

2002 CTDXCC CQ World Wide DX Operations

CQWW CW           Category          QSOs    Zones   Countries   Score
N5TW              SO AB QP           621     107     249      609,828
N5AW              SO AB LP          1433     151     485    2,545,272
W5KFT (K5PI, op.) SO AB HP          2010     147     429    3,074,112
NA4M              SO AB HP A         170      55     159      102,720
N3BB              ???                ???      ??     ???       ??,???
W5WC (@ AD5LW)    MS AB LP           366      82     185      258,990

W5WC ops: AD5LW, W5WC

"It will be interesting to check on conditions - they seemed OK. Worse, and QRP is very tough but not ideal either. But it was fun - especially finding a rare DX station before the packet cluster spots alerted the high power folks. I more than doubled my year 2000 score, and came close to making my 2001 score with more mults and fewer QSOs. Thanks to all those stations with good ears!" - N5TW

"Given deed restrictions at Bob AD5LW's place and a well-honed slacker attitude dating back to the late '50s when we started doing stuff like this together, we used stealth dipoles for 10-40 (all fed by one piece of RG-58) tied up under the eave of Bob's house and drooping down to some handy cedar tree limbs below. For 80, we ran coax out to his Suburban in the driveway with a big mag-mount and a Bug Ketcher with a 102" whip on top (we didn't figure out to do the Bug Ketcher until late Sunday afternoon and picked up a couple of quick mults to add to our already impressive score). We beat last year's score by 258,990 points. All in all, another successful weekend." - W5WC

"A personal best for this contest. Conditions were pretty good all day Saturday and Sunday morning until about 1700 UTC. Then, propagation really shut down. The Europeans that were coming through were weak and about the same strength regardless of where the beam was pointed. I struggled to make a dozen contacts some hours on Sunday afternoon." - N5AW

"Conditions on 40 were terrific with super long path on Sunday morning - better than Saturday morning. Since I was S&Ping, I called CQ to 40 meter long path for thirty minutes each morning, and scanned the (40 meter) band for CQers. I worked UN7L, JT1CO (scatter path-270 degrees,) UA3, RW2, RA1, VU2PAI, AT0N, and OH5 among others. There were some good ones in southern Asia, and also northern Europe. UA0AB in Zone 18 was loud over the pole. The bands were full of mults - the magic of CQWW!" - N3BB

"I got on for a few S&P hours here and there. Conditions seemed pretty good overall, except 80 meters seemed better Friday night than Saturday." - NA4M

"It looks like I missed lots of DXpedition mults, probably because I'm more familiar with ARRL DX (and spoiled on packet, I guess). I tended to pass by the big DXpedition pileups, thinking I'd catch them during the second half of the contest when they were begging. Well . . . the pileups never let up. I had good success busting them, but I couldn't make up for all the ones I'd passed by earlier." - K5PI


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