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Contest Score Rumors

2002 CTDXCC ARRL International DX Contest, Phone

Station   Op      Category      QSOs   Mults    Score

K5TR      K5TR    SOAB HP       3010    410  3,702,300
NX5M      NX5M    SOAB HP A      700    308    646,800
N5AW      N5AW    SOAB LP       1419    339  1,443,123
KK5MI     KK5MI   SOAB LP A      508    200    304,800
K5NA      many    MS   HP       2585    450  3,439,800
W5KFT     many    M2   HP       3992    478  5,721,660
N5TW      many    M2   HP       3347    441  4,343,409
N3BB      many    M2   HP        933    291    814,509

(K5NA ops:  K2UR, K5DU, K5NA, KI5DR, N5ZC, NT5C)
(W5KFT ops: W5KFT, W6PH, K5TSQ, K5PI, W5TA, W5JEN, W5TD)
(N5TW ops:  WM5R, NA4M, KM5TY, N5DUW, WS4G, W5TD, N5TW)
(N3BB ops:  W5JEN, W5RQA, W5TA, WR5Q, KD5QJV, N3BB)

"Mine was definitely a very part time effort, as I had not even planned to participate due to some other commitments. One of my big commitments cancelled Friday night, so I turned on the rig (after the contest had been going for a while) and decided to get a few contacts. But I still had to go to town on Saturday morning and then church on Sunday, so not too much time for operating. My 40M antenna is not operating well, so I gave up after four contacts there. I didn't try 80M, and I have no 160M antenna. I got several new countries, though." - KK5MI

"My claimed score of 1.44 million points betters last year's score by about 15%. It was a big improvement on the low bands over last year, with twenty more multipliers on 40M (52 vs. 32). I've always struggled on 40M phone, but it seemed like I worked almost everything I heard this time. It had to be conditions as the antennas and equipment are unchanged from last year. I had a fairly functional SO2R set up - thanks to borrowed equipment. I'm not sure if it's adding or subtracting from my score at this point, but I feel like I've got to master it to be competitive." - N5AW

"This was sorta the contest from Hell for us. We lost a Kenwood TS-850 at 0300 the first night, and lost an hour waiting a replacement radio. It was fun rewiring the voice keyer for the replacement rig... QRN was high on 80M and 160M both nights, but especially so the first night with a storm to our east. For most of the contest, we had very high, gusty winds and two power poles next to the 15M tower were creating enormous noise to the west and NW. Losing JA runs with line noise is death from Texas... Rates were down on 15M to Eu as well, aggravated by line noise near that tower. And we made some mistakes that will be beneficial to study. We did not work some easy ones on 160M (Like XE and TI) because these stations were operating consistently below 1843 kHz. All in all, a disappointing result given the effort expended before and during the contest." - N5TW

"This was our annual `open house' and training exercise for new contesters. It was a limited effort, but all equipment worked perfectly. Everyone certainly got experience grabbing spots! Competition on the bands was pretty intense. Some major wind storms came through the area. I need a break from contesting." - N3BB

"A good time was had by all. Special thanks to N5AW for packet assistance, and to W5TA, W5JEN, and W5TD for joining our effort part-time to help us meet the requirements for inclusion of this score in the CTDXCC club totals. Full-time ops were W5KFT, K5TSQ, W6PH, and K5PI." - K5PI

"I operated about nine hours, and 98% of it was search and pounce. Hopefully, some of my spotting was beneficial to the CTDXCC multi-ops. I stopped at an even number of QSOs: 700." - NX5M

"I really wanted to participate in the contest this weekend, but I was booked on a business flight on Saturday morning. After some thinking, I thought it would be well worth not sleeping Friday night to take advantage of Jim George N3BB's SSB open house. So I decided to sacrifice sleep. It became really foggy when I decided to go to the N3BB ranch. Somehow, I made it without being able to see the road. W5JEN and I operated straight from 8PM to 6AM straight. I think we both were able to experience the weird fatigue and exhilaration associated with a contest. Considering we were all beginners, I think we pulled in a great score for this contest." - KD5QJV


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