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Contest Score Rumors

2002 CTDXCC ARRL International DX Contest, CW

Station   Op      Category         QSOs   Mults    Score

N5AW      N5AW    SOAB LP CW       1880    376  2,120,640
W5TA      W5TA    SOAB LP CW        320    164    157,440
W5GAI     W5GAI   SOSB LP CW 10     174     73     38,106
K5NA      K5NA    SOAB HP CW       3254    345  3,350,295
N3BB      N3BB    SOAB HP CW       3081    356  3,290,508
K5YA      K5YA    SOAB HP CW       2679    343  2,728,908
N2LA      N2LA    SOAB HP CW       1560    369  1,715,850
AC5AA     AC5AA   SOAB HP CW        423    223    282,000
NX5M      NX5M    SOSB HP CW A 160   37     28      3,108
W5KFT     many    M2   HP CW       4088    502  6,097,794
N5TW      many    M2   HP CW       4110    471  5,787,648

(W5KFT ops: K5OT, N6ZZ - not eligible for CTDXCC club score)
(N5TW ops: K5PI, AF5Z, N5DUW, WS4G, KE5C, N5IW, W5TD, N5TW)

"My best ever, but touch and go as to whether it will make the top ten low power. Would have just barely made it last year. I was #13 last year with 1.8+ meg. Fabulous conditions on 10/15/20, but the lower bands were not as good as last year. I actually used two radios with some success for the first time. This is still my favorite contest!" - N5AW

"I was only on for a few hours this weekend - I had not planned to be on at all except maybe for a couple of spotting hours, but then I worked the ZC4 station on Friday night, and the bug bit. So, instead of just spotting, I got on and worked it for a bit." - AC5AA

"Thanks to N5TW's propagation predictions, I got on 40 relatively early Friday evening. Gobs of Europeans; thanks, Tom. I learned something about the old Kenwood in this contest. The `zero beat the other guy' point wasn't where I thought it was! Previously, if I called a guy and he went on CQing, I figured he just couldn't hear my wimpy signal. But, this time I found if I kept calling on steps of 100 to 200 Hz I'd hit a `sweet spot' and he'd come back." - W5TA

"This was my first serious (semi) DX contest in over 30 years! I didn't think I had the stamina to do it any more, but I never was really tired. I got five hours sleep each night, so I probably only operated 36 hours. Finally, I see it's time to do something about the low bands - maybe beverages - I felt pretty deaf on 160, especially. I had a great time." - N2LA

"I got on for a casual 7.5 hours on 10 meters only. Propagation was really good. I ran about 50 watts. I only had one complaint from a neighbor about intercom rfi, when the yagi was pointed SE. I haven't totally solved it yet." - W5GAI

"Conditions were great, and we had a ball. We used the same setup as last year, but had a new 160M COMTEK 4-Square that helped with mults when 160M cooperated. Also thanks to Pedernales Electric for line noise work last week! We had a good time and good conditions and managed to do better than last year's score by about 110K. Had almost 200 more QSOs than last year, but had fourteen fewer multipliers. Our best team score yet for this contest." - N5TW

"I had let Dennis (K5YA) trick me with a pizza bet from doing my usual single-op assisted into doing a single-op, no packet, shoot out. I am very, very rusty at working multipliers without using packet. My low multiplier total is hard to take, because I like working a lot of multipliers. I guess I need to re-learn how to do that without using packet. I spent about 45 hours in front of the radio. Sleep depravation is sometimes pretty cool. Those psychedelic colors and lights all around me must be a lot like the drug culture enjoyed, and I can do it without drugs." - K5NA

"Larry (K5OT) and I each got about three hours of sleep during the contest, but we staggered our sleeping times so that somebody was always manning the station. Even though somebody was allegedly sitting at the radios, we had one hour with only three QSOs. If you want a good workout sometime, try multi-two with two operators!" - N6ZZ (@ W5KFT)

"I had something unusual happen about 0930 CST on Sunday morning. I started losing my ability to copy code. I first noticed that my operating was becoming erratic, and then I couldn't figure out the letters being sent. A UR5 was calling, and I copied "UR A slim," at least three times, and couldn't figure out why I was being accused of faking a K5 call. Not a good time to take a break, but 90 minutes off restored my Morse memory." - K5YA

"This was the first time for 3000 QSOs for me in this contest, but nearly 10% lower score than last year. Mults were lower by 15% from last year, even with contacts over 10% higher. I couldn't believe the low mult totals on the screen, even though I worked the two radio thing hard the entire time, and moved thirteen stations successfully. Good conditions, but somehow I ended up with poor strategic decisions." - N3BB

"Just to test out the enhanced RX system, I spent about five hours off and on, 160 meters only." - NX5M


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