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Contest Score Rumors

2001 CTDXCC ARRL International DX Contest, CW

Call     Op       Station   Category         QSOs   Mults     Score
N5AW     N5AW     N5AW      SOAB LP          1653    383  1,899,297
N3BB     N3BB     N3BB      SOAB HP          2743    417  3,431,493
W5XD     W5XD     W5XD      SOAB HP           154     80     36,960
K5TR     K5TR     K5TR      SOSB HP 10       1251     96    355,968
N5TW     many     N5TW      M/2              3921    485  5,677,410

(N5TW ops: K5PI, AF5Z, W5TD, KE5C, N5IW, WS4G, K4FB, WQ5G, N5TW)

"This was a fun contest. Last weekend, with the help of WM5R, I put up about 30' of Rohn 45G tower at my new QTH and put up a four-element Cushcraft 10 meter Yagi so I could play around in the contest. The contest went well and I took it pretty easy - taking some time off in the middle of the day each day to eat and do a few things around the house." - K5TR

"80 meters and 160 meters were just awesome the first night. John NT5C's comments about 75 meter phone conditions led to a decision to really concentrate more on 160 meters and 80 meters that night to big advantage. I received an e-mail after the contest from 4X1KS thanking us for copying his 100mW signal on 10 meters! We did lots of moving multipliers and others between stations - JAs were really great about doing this and it improves the JA QSO/QSL ratio greatly!" - N5TW

"This effort was from a new QTH where antennas and station are still under construction. It is already a huge improvement over anything I have previously had. Excellent low band conditions coupled with a quiet location and my first 160 meter antenna in years prompted me to spend too much time on 160 meters and 80 meters, but it was fun and that's what its all about!" -N5AW

"I had a Russian on 40 meters ask me to QSY to 80 meters. That was the first time that has happened to me. I guess maybe he was a multi-multi trying to feed folks to his other station." - W5XD

"I find myself in a bit of a contesting renaissance following the WRTC last summer. Both Alan and I were disappointed with our team's performance, and I have tried to hone and test my skills and see just how I stack up. To that end, I have converted to the NA software, with its CT type look and feel, but with true SO2R capability, and I am working on learning how to listen to two radios concurrently, and how to move stations with the best of them. I've made the comment somewhat lightly that my goal is to have the hardware here at N3BB be the limiting factor, not the operator, and after this year's ARRL DX CW contest, I think that just might be the case." - N3BB


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