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Contest Score Rumors

2001 CTDXCC ARRL 160 Meter Contest

Station   Op        Category  QSOs   Mults    Score
K5NA      K5NA      SO HP     1143     87    208,017  
KV5V      KV5V      SO HP      300     70     42,630
NX5M      NX5M      SO HP      264     73     40,077
K5TR      K5TR      SO HP      165     65     21,849
NA4M      NA4M      SO HP       35     27      2,133
W5GAI     W5GAI     SO LP       36     31      2,418
KI5DR     KI5DR     SO LP       37     19      1,406
K5PI      K5PI      SO LP        2      1          4
AF5Z      AF5Z      SO LP A    122     46     11,362
N5TW      N5TW KE5C MS HP      943     82    162,278

"Lots of fun this year. Last time, I was very disappointed in the performance of the Inverted V, so I promised myself I'd get the tower loaded for this year's action. That didn't happen, but the V worked very well this time. Snagged all the domestic stations I could hear, plus a few offshore. The band was quiet. Were there fewer competitors this year? I wondered. Didn't seem crowded enough. Maybe running cascaded filters in the FT-920 plus 100 Hz-wide DSP helps push everyone apart. The '920 isn't a Mark V, but I was very pleased with its performance." - KV5V

"KE5C and I had a good time out and it was our first time to try the 4-Square out on a domestic contest. The antenna is skewed 15 degrees to the north and I was thinking we would get reasonable coverage using NE - On reflection and in practice, we really had to go NW to hear west of NV and we had run frequency difficulties with west coast stations when running to NE and especially vice versa. Switching back and forth helped but I'm sure caused confusion! Will have to think about trying another antenna for domestic stuff... We had decent runs to JA in the wee hours but never worked Eu at all. The first night was a bit rough with QRN as a front passed through. I was really straining to hear a W6 at one point and it seemed like the band had gone south - then BOOM - a nearby lightning crash and then the W6 was super clear! I shudder to think what leaders were doing off my antenna trying to connect with the clouds!!! Shutdown for an hour until the lightning passed through... The second night was much more quiet and easy on the ears. Thanks for those who worked us!" - N5TW

"I made a monster effort with my 40M sloper, which required *two* antenna tuners to load on 160. Worked K5NA and N5TW. Next year . . . 8^)" - K5PI

"I was able to sneak in 1 hour of search and pounce Friday night starting at 930pm. Think I worked everyone between 1800-1850 and then went qrt. Finally got a chance to get on the air a bit Saturday night about 830pm for another 30 minutes. Went back out at 11pm and found myself a frequency. Got to my 200th qso and went qrt. I was about to hit the sack but decided to go back and and see if any dx was on about 1am. Worked an XE (well it counts as DX anyway) which put me at 201 so I decided to go ahead and go to 250 qsos. Next thing I knew I was no satisfied with 250 qsos because the score was at 38k and I felt like getting to 40k. At 150am I quit and headed into the house, have walked right over to this computer to post this score to the reflector." - NX5M

"Well, I had not planned on operating the 160m contest, but decided at the last minute I would put up an end-loaded dipole at 20ft and give out some contacts to the local folks. What a blast! Until this weekend, I could safely claim that I have more children than I've made CW contacts on the ham bands in the last 10 years, but no more! But it was FUN! I could really get used to this....if I only my sending didn't stink so much." - KI5DR

"This was not to be my weekend to operate a contest. I thought I had a fishing tournament on Sunday and planned to do the 160m test in moderate fashion on Friday night and Saturday evening. Nope - I discovered that the tournament was Saturday. So spent most of Friday evening preparing boat, tackle, and myself for Saturday I did get on a bit Friday evening, only to discover that something has happened to my LPT2 port or my W9XT DVK card which does CW keying via LPT2. Nothing I did seemed to make it work as it has in the past. So, I had to resort to sending the contest info by hand . After spending the day Saturday bouncing around on the waves after the cold front blew through, and discovering my casting arm was out of shape, I was exhausted Saturday evening and didn't relish tackling 160m, but did make a few more Qs." - NA4M

"I worked a short while, S&P, looking for new WAS QSO's. Still need 2, AK and ME. Then will get going on DX. Conditions were real good (quiet) except for the storm rolling through Friday night." - W5GAI

"Friday night wasn't so bad and I had my only European (G3PFQ) answer a CQ shortly after sundown. No Europeans were heard or worked after that. Most of my mults called me including the G3, PY0, KL7, VO1, and several PYs. Using the second receiver I found the VP5, CO8, and a couple of ZFs. I worked 21 JAs and they all called me. But I never felt I was actually "running" them. It was slow, hard work pulling their calls through. The only mult I heard that I didn't work was HI3K. I was trying to get my timing right to call him on the second VFO when he disappeared. That was the first night and I never heard him again. QSO rates the first night were superb and I had over 800 QSOs when I took my sleep break on Saturday morning. However, Sunday night wasn't very good and my QSO rates were poor for the rest of the way. I believe conditions changed dramatically the second night because everyone's signal (with some exception) was extremely weak. If it hadn't been for my beverage repair effort during the week before the contest I would have worked far fewer stations." - K5NA

"I had a busy weekend that included little time to try the 160m contest. This was single operator - assisted with 100w and an inverted L. Oh, my most exciting multiplier was: Abigail Ann Helms, born 0801Z Saturday morning, length 20 1/2 in., weight 7 lbs. 8 oz. The doctor called a few hours to induce her, but resorted to a c-section to complete the QSO!!" - Granddad AF5Z


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