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Contest Score Rumors

2001 CTDXCC ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Station   Op        Category    QSOs   Mults    Score

W5KFT     K5PI      SO HP CW    2005    139  1,115,336
N5TW      N5DUW     SO LP CW    1423    129    735,816
W5GAI     W5GAI     SO LP CW     630    132    332,640
AC5AA     AC5AA     SO HP CW     363     97    141,620
AF5Z      AF5Z      SO LP CW     255     69     70,380
N5AW      N5AW      SO LP MIX    571    133    285,684
NA4M      NA4M      SO HP MIX    435    126    127,008
K5TR      WM5R      SO HP SSB   3004    136    817,088
K5NA      KI5DR     SO HP SSB   2500    141    705,000
NX5M      many      MS HP MIX   3185    299  2,638,376

(NX5M ops: NX5M, N5XJ, N5JA, NX5N, K8EP, K1OJ)

"N5YA said it....storms! Saturday, we had to shut down while a storm passed. Most passed a few miles west of us so we were somewhat lucky. Had the Doppler radar running on the internet so that we could monitor the activity. Sunday morning, I was awakened to another severe storm at 1100z. I rushed out to the shack to disconnect everything, but decided to stay out of harms way and NOT go out to the towers and disconnect the electronics. The storm lasted for over 2 hours and at 1230z it happened......lightning hit one of the towers. Lost the rotor control box for the top 10m yagi. It wasted one of the feedlines. One of the phasing boxes turned dumb. And last, we have no television reception anymore. As far as I know these were the only damages. Did notice that the rotator for one of the extra antennas is hesitating at times so maybe it sustained some damage as well. No telling what else I will discover over the next few days. One of the ops here, NX5N (no relation), was sleeping in the house on the living room floor (I had a bed for him too) when the tower was hit. He commented that it raised him 6 inches off the floor from a dead sleep. Finally got things going and got back on the air at 1415z. Despite all of the above it was an enjoyable weekend." - NX5M

"Worked a few club stations - N3BB, AF5Z, N5DUW, NX5M, W5KFT. It was fun, but would have been a lot better with more time." - AC5AA

"Not a serious effort here as too many other things to do. Operated a little under 6 hours - 5 hours on CW and 30 minutes on phone. Will probably submit log as CW only. Decided to almost exclusively stick to CQing to try and improve my run skills (much needed!) Mults suffered, but averaged consistantly over 100 Q's per hour except for the last short stint on CW - a significant accomplishment for me." - N5AW

"This was my third time to operate this contest. My two previous efforts were from home with my tribander at 40 feet. Having seven antennas and a great, quiet location were awesome!" - K5PI

"I could only find about 4 1/2 hours to operate during the ARRL 10 meter contest." - AF5Z

"I operated the 2001 ARRL 10 meter contest at N5TW's incredible station. This was an incredible experience for me, as I had never operated as Single Op from a 'big gun' station. I learned a lot from this event and felt my skills improve along the way! Many thanks to Tom for being such a gracious host and allowing me the use of his awesome station. I made just over 1500 q's(raw), which is 3 times the amount that I have ever made from home with the trusty vertical!!" - N5DUW

"Missed SC, KS, LB, NU, NT." - W5GAI

"I had a wonderful time! It's always nice to be able to sleep through the night (except for thunderstorms Sunday). It seemed like the band was up and down like waves, for a few minutes stations were S9, then nothing, then back up again. DX activity seemed lower this year, not as many Europe and JA. My first time working China during the contest! This was likely due to this being a huge improvement over last year's effort - Last year 100w and Phased verticals at 30ft, this year HP and high beams at 100ft, 5el mono and Cushcraft X9 on separate towers. It rained at the site almost all day Saturday, and ended Sunday morning. We were EXTREMELY lucky that the only lightning came around 3am local time Sunday, and we had to disconnect everything for a couple hours. Nothing was hit. I wish I could say the same for W5KFT, they took some damage." - KI5DR

"This was my second serious single-operator contest effort, and my first ever QSOs in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest. Before now, I've mostly been doing multi-ops and the occasional single-band effort. I have a lot to learn. I'd only ever had a half dozen or so 100-hours in contests before this weekend, mostly in the Sweepstakes. This rate thing is still very new to me. I know I don't have the timing down right yet." - WM5R


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